quinta-feira, 20 de junho de 2013


The protests in Brazil show to world the real situation in our country.
The education, security, health, public transport are in total decadence.
Little investiments in these points and expensive investiments in World's Cup have been the principal reason for all that happened in last weeks.

While mayors and president don't decide what will they do, we, the people, we are going to streets cry and protest against politics's corrupt. Until the change in Brazil happen.

And, It isn't about 20 cents.


Junio Oliveira

quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013

When the evolution isn't evident..

You study for long  time. You read magazines, you watch movie, sitcom, talk show and you listen music in english.

So, you decide talk with others people in english ...and...You don't get. You don't remember nothing about what you studied.

Today I felt that way.

And I confessed,the willingness to give up is real. Maybe stronger than willingness to study and to continue. Maybe...maybe 'cause  when I start imagine the possibility of to undestand a movie, a music, to talk with new friends in facebook or skype my motivation to study back. So, I restart.

Don't give up!

: )

Junio Oliveira

terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013

When it seems that you have not learned anything?

Really, in some moments seems that I have not learned anything.
This happen when I am trying hear a america's music, movies or tv's seríes and I don't understand any word.

To be honest, sometimes this make me want to give up.
But, I remember that I studied a lot to learn what I know now. It seems few, but is many important don't forget and to value it.

Is very important to study teaching materials that are in your learning's nivel.
I believe that can help, when to give up seems be better than to study.

Junio Oliveira

quinta-feira, 6 de junho de 2013

God Blesses me

Every day I talk to God about my plans.
In my life I have examples of the miracles he do.
Today, when I woke up and saw the sun, I perceived that He love me.
I depend Him.
His promisses for me are amazing. I'm happy because I met the God's word in a important moment in my life: When I was teenager. This  have made all difference for me. In my choices. In my decisions. In my expectations.
So, happening whatever in my life I'm sure, God make all for my good.
I liked to fight street, I worried with small things that today doesn't do difference for me.
Today I look my past and as I thought in to do things wrong and off of God's will.
I was driving my life to precipice. In at moment He rescued me and gave me new life.

I'm grateful for it.

I Thank God.

Thank you so much