quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2013

Congratulations Atlético Mineiro

The world maybe don't perceive, but today is a different day. Today, millions of Atlético Mineiro's fans woke up happy today ( I mean, those that slept  - i think anybody slept last night).
Happiness. Beautiful word.This is what each atleticano (this way are known Atletico fans) is feeling now.
What came before happiness? in this case, tension, afraid, anxious and passion.
There was 42 years that they was waiting a important celebration, a title of expression.
42 years just listening about past's history.42 years.
But, all atleticano always believed: A day that will change.
This day came .
The Atlético Mineiro is Champion. It is the best of América. After 42 years with suffering, today is holiday for them. But, they will go to work. They will wear Atético's shirt. They will show for all that today is different.
The celebrations continued well into the night and will continue during the day, the week, the month and during each respiration, each pulsation of atleticano's heart.


'Cause it is passion. It's be Atleticano.

Junio Oliveira

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