terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013

My journey in English!

Today was my last day before vacations in my english course.
I believe that learned a lot in a three months. My teacher keeps the focus on conversation and that is very important for me.
In next half year I will to study more and more. I need to improve my vocabulary and my listen.
I intend to buy a novel in english, a book. I found a many options in "Leitura Library" at Shopping Cidade Mall. Whom live in Belo Horizone,actually, it is a great option.

I  bought the book "Touchstone 2" of Cambridge, seems a good tool for to study. There are two books : The Workbook, with exercises for practice and the other book is about grammar with cd.
I found it in SBS Library, expert store in english.

In many moments I think in give up, because when I watch movie in english and don't understand nothing what the characters are speaking, seems that I don't learn anything. I don't have difficulty to read book or movie's subtitle.

To practice, I installed in my cell phone the apps PALM TALK of GOOGLE APPS. With this app you can to know many people and talk with them.

Then, I see you later.

Junio Oliveira.

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